The Fabulous Stiller Girls – September 2014




Emmy got  PE tubes insert after 4,562 ear infections in 2 weeks.  She was trooper. Here she is hanging out pre-surgery.If she could talk she would say “Lay off me, I’m starving!”



Checking out the new All Kids playground in Blue Ash – Summit Park. Fantastic park designed for all ages & abilities to play together here in Cincinnati.


Charlotte’s new favorite activity is baking cookies.  She thinks that this is an activity that should happen at all times of day but best suited for 3am.


Saints fans.  Dave is not impressed with Emmy’s touchdown dance for the Browns.



We road tripped to Louisville to visit my favorite lunch spot Zoe’s.  We pretended that we were there to do some shopping etc. but really we were just there for the chicken salad. Oh and the fact that Costco’s in KY have liquor stores.


New House Progress

IMG 6063

The original house or the “teardown” as they say

IMG 6199

“Knock it down” as Charlotte would say

IMG 6207

All knocked down

IMG 6347

We got back from vacation and we had a foundation!

IMG 6430

Framing begins

IMG 6485

Will someone tell them to get back to work. No wonder this whole process takes so long.

IMG 6484

Looking into the Family Room from the Kitchen

IMG 6519

Windows & roof = No more excuses

IMG 6572

Front Hall

IMG 6602

Siding begins…this is primed only.  If you’re curious they are using James Hardi Straight Edge Shingles.  The builder opted to paint them later versus using the pre-painted ones.

IMG 6787

We got a front porch!

IMG 6826

IMG 6827

IMG 6830

IMG 6831

The Fabulous Stiller Girls – August 2014

IMG 6482

Super Brees!

IMG 6489

IMG 6497

Emmy stayed home from daycare sick…and thought she could drink all day.  I don’t think so Mini Dave.

IMG 6509

IMG 6517

We had visitors!  Mimi and PopPop came to visit us in our fabulous apartment.  Of course they were up to their sisterly antics.

IMG 6545

Charlotte went to a new dentist.  They were fantastic and she actually got her teeth cleaned opposed to just the ole lookie loo.

IMG 6552

IMG 6567

IMG 6578

IMG 6589

IMG 6762

Dear Aunt Lizzy gifted Miss Charlotte with tickets to the Children’s Museum at the Cincinnati Museum Center for her birthday.  We had a fantastic time!  Not quite the Boston Children’s museum but we’ll take it.  They did have a great section for smaller kids that was much less crowded and easier for us to maneuver around.

IMG 6776

Dave convinced Charlotte to let him get ice cream

IMG 6783

Holtman’s Maple Bacon Donuts…terrible…simply terrible